Smart Mask Gold New Generation Meltblown 3 Layer Medical Mask

Elastic Earphone

3 Layer Wired Surgical Mask with Soft Elastic Ears. 3-layer, skin-friendly MeltBlown layers

Bacteria Protection up to 99%

Does not cause allergy, does not contain latex. It does not contain paraben, does not contain nylon, and does not contain chlorine. Bacteria Protection up to 99%

Cottony Soft Layers

Protection and comfort together. While providing protection, it also provides comfort with soft elastic bands that do not hurt the ears.

Next Generation Meltblown

Smart Mask Gold New Generation Meltblown. It is fully ultrasonic. It has 3 floors of Meltblown. It passes the lighter test very easily. Nose wire

Information About Protective Masks

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say that wearing masks on behalf of users provides complete protection against COVID-19. This is because COVID-19 can easily spread when in contact with respiratory droplets scattered by an infected person.

If you do not maintain the required physical distance between you and people, respiratory droplets emitted from the sick person during coughing, sneezing and talking can enter your eyes, nose or mouth. For this reason, it would be wrong to think that you are completely protected against the virus in question by wearing a face mask.

Nevertheless, while you are in your social life, taking care to maintain physical distance between you and those around you, using a face mask will make a difference in terms of protecting your general health.

Before putting on your mask, clean your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Put your mask on your face, putting the elastics around your auricles, with the layered side facing out.
If the mask we are going to use is with thread, tie the strings on the upper edges of your ear above your ear and the strings on the lower side from behind your neck.
Make sure that your mask completely covers your nose, mouth and chin.

Removing the mask without contamination requires special attention. For this reason, remove your mask by holding the rubber or strings behind the ear without touching the front surface with your hands.
Disposable masks without plastic bags pose a threat to cleaners, waste paper workers, street animals and healthy individuals, as they continue to carry bacteria and viruses on their surfaces. For this reason, be sure to put the mask you removed in a bag and throw it into a closed trash can.
After throwing away your mask, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water for 20 seconds.

If you do not apply all the precautions specified to prevent infection, using a face mask alone is not enough to protect you from COVID 19.
The use of a mask provides effective protection if you frequently clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water, and keep your physical distance from other people.
Note that the evidence for the protection of non-medical cloth masks made from breathable fabrics is limited, and opt for a medical mask if you have one on hand to use.
Cover your entire mouth and nose with your mask.
Make sure there is no gap between your face and the mask.
Never lower your mask under your nose and / or chin. If you accidentally drop your mask under your nose and / or chin, immediately remove it from your face and replace it with a new one.
Do not use disposable medical masks more often by washing, airing or ironing.
Since the use of masks is a personal precaution, never share your mask with anyone else.
Never touch your mask during use. If you accidentally touch the exterior of your mask, clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.
Be sure to replace your mask with a new one if you notice it is dirty and torn, or if you feel it is moist.
Be sure to wear a mask if you suddenly start coughing or sneezing, and / or if you suspect that you are showing general symptoms, as droplets may form that can spread the infection through coughing, sneezing or talking.
Always have a sachet with you in case you throw your mask away when you are out.
If you have a person diagnosed with COVID-19 in your home, keep in mind that all your family members and your patient should always wear a mask.

WHO ışığında şekillenen doğrularla farkındalığımızı arttırarak, toplum sağlığının korunmasına katkıda bulunabilmek adına hem sağlıklı bireyler hem de efenkte olan kişiler tarafından maske kullanımı hakkında, mutlaka bilinmesi ve dikkat edilmesi gereken kuralları ele aldık.


Turkey's Trustworthy Companies Mask

SKN MEDİKAL has a daily production capacity of 1 million pieces in the production of 3-Layer Surgical Mask with Wires. Our packaging has a sterile and easy-to-open packaging.

It is fully ultrasonic

Smart Gold Mask is 50 pieces in 1 box and it is in a package of 10. It is fully ultrasonic. It has 3 floors of Meltblown. It passes the lighter test very easily. Nose is wired.

With soft elastic earmuffs

With soft elastic earmuffs. It does not cause allergies. There is no smell. Does not contain latex. It does not contain paraben. Does not contain nylon. Chlorine free

Provides up to 99% bacteria protection

Approved by the Ministry of Health. UTS registered. It has CE certification.